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A wonderful collection of memorable quotes by Canadian author Sean O’Neil, fathers are more than just great to have on hand. They can be inspirational and inspire you to do great things, but also very funny and great at bringing up the children’s sense of humor. This book is not only a great collection of father wise words, but it also contains pictures to boot. I think this would make an excellent gift for a new dad. The book starts off with a beautiful introduction of a country that has created an empire on the back of its own success and all through history, great men have been produced and given the chance to achieve great things.

The book is chock full of memorable quotes and fun stories about life in Canada. I especially love the stories about David Copperfield, the first ever winner of the International Television Show “The Price is Right”, and his equally amazing mother, who also happens to be the show’s hostess. Determinant and Going to be a hilarious story of two young boys who move from Ireland to Canada (the land of maple leaves and eagles) and fall in love and marry each other. The most famous line in the book is “What is a father… A determined determinant of destiny.”

The book contains many touching and memorable moments that will touch the heart of any father. I particularly appreciate the stories of how their parents influenced them, how they grew up, and what they did for a living when they were young. These humorous and memorable quotes bring a smile to the face of any father and will help him to remember his own youth. With such wonderful memories of memorable days, and such wonderful advice, “The Price is Right” is a book that every father will love to read and will remember for years to come.

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