Why We Might Want to Make Funeral Joke Quotes a Part of Our Daily Life

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The best prank quotes can help us in many ways. First of all, they can make us laugh, and if we are in a good mood pranksters can really put a smile on our face. But secondly they can also make us think that maybe we are being funny, or we are being silly and we don’t realise it. By making us laugh we will then feel a little bit better about our situation, and joke quotes can be used to boost our mood. By using them for a few minutes a day, we can see how they can change our moods for the better and therefore the way we think.

One of the most famous and popular of these types of quotes is from one of America’s greatest comedians, Mr Richard Lewis “Happy Birthday to You!” This is a great example of a prank quote that actually has some truth to it. The fact that Richard Lewis was a huge Richard Nixon fan means that he would of course use his own opinions on the president to make his jokes. The fact that the last four lines are in rhymes means that it wasn’t just a clever line, but an honest one too.

The other thing that the best prank quotes do is that they bring out the joys of being a kid again. By thinking back to the things that you did as a kid that made you happy, you can begin to feel happy again. Perhaps some of your favourite childhood memories include hiding in the bushes with mum and dad as a baby, or pretending to wash your clothes in the sink. Kids will always remember moments such as these as fun and a way of escapism. If we can find ourselves doing things as a child that make us happy, then it makes it easier to enjoy those times in adulthood too. So if you’re feeling down or having a bad day, instead of just cracking a joke, why not try some hidden-camera funnyman quotes.

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