A Online Merchants Worst Enemy Is Chargebacks – Anonymous Quote

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Thanks to This User Submitted Quote and Post Of The Best Strategys and Practices to win Chargeback Disputes

Charge Majestys is a Chargeback dispute management system & automation software

A Problem exists with the solution that has been developed and

provided for Merchant Processors and every small business that seeks the ability to accept credit cards world wide. A industry largely ruled by Big Corp’s, all of which offer the ability for a small business or entrepreneurships to process a credit or debit transaction through their network. With the current solution that has been provided for Credit card holders that initiate charge backs a underlying problem exists, in which the more of the solution the merchant requires the more harm and damage is done to their enterprise that will determine the future and fate of its existence .


The solution that exists today for this problem is not only very expensive but very unnecessary. Chargeback company’s which advertise chargeback protection and dispute systems dominate the industry that currently exist’s as a providers for a solution that does not solve anything and only creates more problems by draining companies with the idea of these “chargeback alerts” offered by ethoca and verifi that it’s in their best interest to pay anywhere from 20-25$ just for their program to automatically refund any customer of yours where an alert is recieved from the visa and MasterCard api instead of taking advantage of the 24 hour window and how these alerts were really intended to  function in giving the merchant 24 hours to review the transaction , even contact the customer and then make a decision wether or not you wish to refund them or not . 

Verify & Ethoca Alerts

When alerts are used properly and not set to auto refund and having a human agent review each alert and attempt to contact the customer to either resolve the matter amicably or get them to drop their dispute case because they might have made an honest mistake yes they can be highly beneficial , but if you put it in perspective and follow the guides that I will continue to post regularly then you will be able to create not just an attitude but an eco system where you would rather fight every dispute because your pride in how you aim to please every customer and legitimately run your operation to the best of standards , its just not logical to those who pay a third party company to automatically refund every order without conducting any due diligence what so ever ? 

Are Charge Back Alerts A Scam?

Now do not get me wrong I am not implying that the alert system is a scam of any kind or that it’s even useless . How ever coming from someone who’s been doing 22-30 million dollars a year in revenue from online sales and an average of 2 million dollars a month all from various different online stores I am blessed enough to have the expierence and data of course that not only did I save way more money when stopped paying for and using alerts but I made way more , retained more customers and got the opportunity to really focus on the most important aspect of any online business my customer service . 

That’s just fishy in itself because wouldn’t you want to Atleast prove that you are not committing fraud like the card holders that initiate these disputes are imposing ? The fact of the matter is it’s the average consumer attempting to defraud online merchants by continuing to try and find ways to order items online using a credit card and then having unsuspecting merchants provide them with the goods or services with the sole intentions to either dispute the charge or claim that they did not make the purchase .

The Real Solution To Chargeback Disputes & Management

Charge majesty’s solves that problem for every merchant . Now you can automatically and instantly gather the data needed to generate the supporting documents and chargeback reversal adjustment request with all of the data points that will guarantee your win on that dispute. As long as your able to fill our dispute letter template with all the required data points and the card holder information matches the shipping or using our geo location ip service a map with the location of the device id that made the purchase if that is provided you will never loose a dispute under the 10.4 reason code . 

What Does Charge Majesty’s Do?

 Charge Majestys Chargeback Dispute Automation Software & Tools Provides a solution to the internal problems created by the horrific chargeback policies that protect card holders so much and hurt merchants even more. 

Chargeback companies are admin operated and controlled , meaning you can sign up apply and retain them as a vendor to use their chargeback management system dashboard but you can’t control anything other than looking through a catelog of mostly useless reports all you can do is log into their portals to see how much they are over charging you to do the same exact thing charge Majestys does only we let you the USER control our system because we believe your chargebacks and the way you fight them should be completely up to you.

Customize your chargeback dispute letter templates , track your wins and losses , decide which transactions you want to dispute and which ones to ignore so you don’t waste time and resources disputing transactions you have no chance at winning . Use our front end fraud prevention systems and our geolocation ip services to provide you with the ip risk score and an exact location of the device that makes each purchase .By eliminating the corporate structure and offering a much more user controlled system not only are we able to provide a solution to a companies chargeback dispute system we will be able to provide much more detailed insights and analytics to their companies credit card processing patterns.

Cost Of Charge Back Companies Vs Cost of Charge Majesty’s

The current process to chargeback defense is to hand over control and trust the judgement of a third party to handle the abilities of only the most important and vital aspects of the company. They advertise chargeback defense but in reality provide no such service other than the resale of using the alert systems provided by Verifi by Visa and Ethoca By Mastercard.

Charge Majestys seeks to give full control of the chargeback management system to the user. 

By not only offering the same automations a chargeback company currently offers but optimizing the results by providing a better automated solution.

We utilize the API’s of every existing major gateway & processor. As well as utilize the API from shipping providers such as USPS in order to generate a more detailed report and provide proof of tracking & delivery in each dispute letter that is generated . We will combine the existing API’s into 1 dash board the user will be able to control by connecting their merchant accounts to our ecosystems api.   

Once the user self integrates with chargemajestys, When a chargeback is initiated and received in real time via the online merchant portal a dispute letter with the corresponding order confirmation and other proof of order documentation will be generated completely automated with no human interaction what so ever. The dashboard will call different data sets via API to merge and display report visulations for only the most valuable insights to a merchants credit card processing patterns & history.

By offering a self serve system that is user controlled and not admin controlled we will be able to provide the same solutions the chargeback companies provide today only at a much more efficient cost that will not result in so much more harm being done to the companies finances shall they need more of our service.




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